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BLOCKIT Passport Protector Sleeves - (2 Pack) Best for RFID Blocking, Travel Security and Fraud Protection - Includes 2016 ID Theft Protection eBook - Recommended by Lifelock …

$ 5.99
  • Made in USA
  • EXCLUSIVE DESIGNER PATTERNS - Bright HD Color Coded Designs Stand Out From the Crowd & Get Noticed
  • TRAVEL WITH PEACE OF MIND - Knowing That Crooks Cannot Skim Your Credit Card, Debit Card or ID
  • WIDE OPENING = EASY ACCESS - More Surface Area of Your Card is Exposed and Available to Grab
  • SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY CO. - Support a Real Mom & Pop Based in Temecula, CA & Providing Local Jobs
  • READ REVIEWS & COMMENTS - 42,387 Happy Customers and Growing, Buy Now with Confidence!


Will my sleeves fit all of my credit cards?

Yes, all of our sleeves will fit standard credit card sizes.

It’s hard to get my card in and out of the sleeve, what can I do?

Some people find the sleeves to be a little tight and hard to get their card in and out when they first receive them, this is a temporary issue. The sleeves will loosen up over time. But they need to be a bit tight in order to make sure they fit in the wallet card slot. You can bend and flex them to help get a better fit.

How do I know these sleeves work?

Our sleeves provide level one FIPS protection. FIPS is the government’s new federal processing standard better known as FIPS 201. Our latest sleeves are 100% compliant to level one standards. The next time you’re at the grocery store or gas pump test out the sleeves by waving your card past the “touchless” pay system while inside the sleeve.

Can I fit more than one card into a sleeve?

While we’ve heard some of our customers doing this, we don’t recommend it.

Are my cards protected if I place them between two sleeves?

We’ve tested putting a card between two RFID sleeves and still have them protect our cards.



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