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If you’ve ever been worried about someone “swiping” or “skimming” your credit card and using it to make an unauthorized purchase without your permission, pay close attention.

There’s a new kind of criminal and he can strike at any time. While you're traveling, while you’re in line at the grocery store, just about any place where you might rub up against someone in a public atmosphere. These are the new hunting grounds of the financial cyber-criminal.

They sit and wait, poised to move in for the strike when you’re not paying attention. For less than $20 these bandits can build a handheld device that can steal your credit card right out from under your nose and you’ll never even know it.

One quick flick of the wrist, the red light turns green and BINGO!
He just “skimmed” your card. He now holds access to your entire life and can do with it what he pleases.
Don’t let this be you. Start protecting yourself today.
In fact...

Now You Can Finally Go Into
Highly Traffic Public Areas
Without Anxiety...

We Imagine being able to ride the Metro, hang out at the local “hot spot” and shop at the farmers market all without jumping every time a stranger gets too close. Your mind will be set at ease as you’ll be able to keep focused on what matters most... enjoying yourself.

To give you added protection our rugged, field-tested RFID signal blocking sleeves are perfect for storing credit and bank cards guaranteed to prevent “skimming”.


Your identity is yours and yours alone. We want to keep it that way. By using our sleeves, the “skimmers” no longer have a chance. By protecting your card inside one of our wonderfully designed sleeves you can prevent it from being scanned and copied. You’ll finally feel more comfortable and secure in public areas knowing your sensitive information is safe.

Stop Embarrassing

Our RFID sleeves help you quickly identify your cards by color coding them. Ever pull out the wrong card at the register and try to stick it back in your wallet while in a hurry? It can be quite embarrassing. But with our color coordinated sleeves, you’ll be able to quickly identify the card you need.


Do you often carry your cell phone close to your credit card? Those new cell phone cases with built in wallets are accidents waiting to happen, if you don’t protect your cards. Don’t risk the embarrassment of making an important purchase to find your card has been demagnetized. Our sleeves keep scenes like this from happening.

Longer Card

Now your cards will start lasting until their expiration date. Not only do our RFID protection sleeves protect you against the “bad guys”, they also keep your card from pre-maturely wearing out. Normally, your card wears out just from riding around in your wallet. This is when you start to notice the letters of your name go from silver to white. Keep your cards looking like “brand new” by putting them in our RFID sleeves.


Ever put more than one card together in the same pouch inside your wallet? If you have, you know if you’re not careful then those cards can start to rub together. When you least expect it they will stop working. Our sleeves prevent your cards from rubbing together and keep your cards in perfect condition, just like the day they arrived in the mail.

Why Be Boring?

We decided you didn’t want your cards to be dressed in “boring”. So we’ve created many colorful designs. From sleek, professional looking patterns, to eye-catching flowers to a set of cars. You can also pick from side or top loading sleeves and choose from several different styles such as passports, wallets or hard cases!.