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 What is RFIRFID Blocking SleeveD Skimming?

It’s called DIGITAL PICKPOCKETING! Using cell phones and easily accessible digital readers, unscrupulous people can steal your name, account number, card expiration date and other information off your credit card or ID, while it’s tucked away safely in your wallet or purse ans you will never now it happens before lose of money.


RFID Blocking SleevesIs MY Information at Risk?


While the most obvious reason is to protect your personal information from thieves using wireless devices to steal the information from your credit cards, ID cards and passport. The Estimated Cost of Credit Card Fraud in 2015 is over $10 BILLION! Not to Mention the Endless Nightmare of Battling Credit Agencies and Banks to Reverse Fraudulent Transactions.


RFID Blocking Sleeve and casesHow do I Protect Myself with RFID Blocking Sleeve

BLOCKITS RFID Blocking Sleeve are unique in their inclusive-layer design, meaning multiple layers of protection in one product. BLACKOUTS feature an aluminum interior that blocks 13.56MHz signals, bonded to a copper middle layer that blocks 125kHz signals, ensuring thorough protection from any shady attempts at your valuable personal information.